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Connect with your customers through Conversational Tech

Conversational Technology gives you a number of new channels to connect with your customers— particularly in contact-less situations. We can partner with you to design and build live chat experiences that leverage your existing call center, chatbots for automating tasks, or text bots when casual and intermittent interactions work best. Interactive voice automation (IVR) can give you an automated, self-service call experience, and voice/natural language processing (NLP) provides full automation of intents through speech and voice recognition.

Conversational interfaces can help you make customer experiences more approachable, provide true 24/7 access, improve perception of availability and wait times, or optimize workflow efficiency for common requests and questions, among many other applications. Chat fills in the gaps of some online retail experiences—making your brand easy to do business with, giving customers the answers they need to make a purchase, and keeping them coming back.

With our understanding of the complexities involved in chat experiences—tech lift, scope, context, and conversational design—we help organizations adopt the right solution from the continuum of conversational technology.

Service Highlights

Live Chat

Companies with existing call centers can leverage this capability to implement live chat. CapTech has the research and heuristics to successfully implement this new customer channel.


Chatbot can add additional capacity to a company’s call center capability as well as add 24/7 functionality for customers anytime they want to interact. Chatbot can be deployed iteratively so large implementations (with large budgets) aren’t required.

Text Bot

Long before contactless customer experiences became common, text bot capabilities were an extremely effective way to manage simple interactions with customers. Text bot can be a valuable part of an omni-channel customer engagement strategy.

IVR Automation

Well-designed IVR interactions coupled with automation can greatly increase the capacity of your call center capability. Whether your goal is better routing or call diversion, IVA is an option many companies are considering.


Voice skills can humanize a brand and act as an extension of a company’s existing digital customer channels. Starting with the top tasks performed on your website or mobile app, a voice skill can get deployed iteratively and then matured over time.

Our Latest Conversational Tech Insights

Creating an Informed and Smart Live Chat Experience

A client asked us to help them understand how live chat could be utilized as a sales tool while optimizing staffing decisions. Nearly one third of those under the age of 50 are open to chat, so prioritizing a mobile-first experience both pre-COVID and in current times would support the need for a variety of ways to communicate with customers.

Our work showed the client how a human-centered approach matched with the openness of trying a portfolio of communication options created an environment that allowed for quick and effective improvement of customer service and sales. We also identified where the chat experience should be available, and which tasks the chat experience is best suited for; additional information necessary to enhance the chat experience and reduce friction that would cause abandonment; design elements to make the experience more authentic, noticeable, and relevant; and, measures of success to improve the chat experience over time.

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Jason Snook

Jason Snook

Fellow, Customer Experience

Jason has a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from Virginia Tech and is a leader in the CX Practice Area at CapTech. He has over 17 years of UX/CX experience, helping companies design systems that are more effective for customers.

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Michelle Meyer

Michelle Meyer


Michelle has 11 years of experience working with clients to provide innovative digital solutions to solve their most pressing business challenges. She has proven experience partnering with executives to optimize call center operations with conversational technology solutions.