Empower and mobilize your team.

Build awareness, gain buy-in, and provide post-change implementation support for improvements. Our consultants communicate with key stakeholders to encourage collaboration and commitment for the change initiative. We empower and mobilize your teams, preparing them to lead, coordinate, and facilitate success, whether it be a transition to your company, a business process, an IT service tool, or a program governance strategy for quality assurance.

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Agile Transformation

Your organization can realize the complete benefits of Agile through the right combination of frameworks, processes, and practical expertise. From agile coaching to agile transformation, we'll meet you where you are in your agile journey.

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DevOps + Agile + OCM

Companies are turning to Agile Development, DevOps, and Organizational Change Management (OCM) to increase agility and speed to market, but only by approaching these goals holistically can organizations truly mature and succeed.

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Risk &

We provide data analysis, operational guidance, and technical solutions that help companies manage the complexity and soaring costs of compliance that financial, healthcare, and other industries face.

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Salesforce Implementation

We work with you to understand your business requirements, current platforms, processes, and environments to ensure a smooth adoption, improve user experience, and maximize your investment.

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We partner with our clients to understand their goals, processes, and environments to maximize their investment and ensure a smooth and robust Workday transformation.

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Hothouse is a powerful technique for identifying solutions quickly. A Hothouse approach can open the floodgates for innovative ideas that were trapped behind old processes and enterprise-wide silos.

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Manage the way your people adjust to change and quickly become productive in the post-change environment. Integrate change throughout your organization so it becomes part of the culture and is sustainable long-term.

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Process Engineering

Processes within any organization can fail, delaying time to market, driving up costs, delivering inconsistent results, undermining the customer experience, and absorbing excessive resources. Whether you need to develop a new process or re-engineer an existing one, CapTech’s skilled process engineers can help you analyze the current state, define your vision, model the future state, and develop a strategic roadmap that will get you there.

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IT Service Management

In large organizations today, the IT department needs easy-to-use tools that manage the tracking and deployment of infrastructure, service tickets, visibility into IT costs and health, delivery of self-service capabilities, and customer communications and experience. Whether you are exploring the possibility of implementing an ITSM solution, such as ServiceNow®, or you need assistance with an existing platform, we can help you reach your business objectives today and for the longer term.

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Dennis Bowne


Dennis is a thought leader in our Agile practice. He founded the User Experience service and built our Agile Transformation practice, providing guidance on Scrum, Kanban, and Scaled Agile practices to multiple organizations.

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