Public Sector and Government

Whether it's a sluggish economy, decreasing tax revenues, limited staffing, or simply having to do more with less, government agencies can still streamline, simplify, and automate processes to comply with enhanced regulations and better serve the public’s needs. Let's partner on a roadmap that guides you into the future.

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CapTech delivers full-scale transformation solutions for Workers’ Compensation Regulatory Agencies across the U.S. We combine commercial and industry best practices to reduce overhead, improve user experience, modernize processes and legacy systems, ensure the integrity of sensitive data, manage organizational change, and create innovative and scalable solutions.

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Banking and
Financial Services

The acceleration of tech brings added complexity to every transaction. We understand that to ensure transactions are effective, profitable, and secure, institutions must meet strict regulatory and compliance requirements to manage vast amounts of sensitive data. Embrace digital convergence – mobile, social, and cloud – to change your customer experience.

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Energy and

Smart grids and meters, the rise of alternative energy sources, and new government regulations and incentives are all having a huge impact on the generation, distribution, and sale of energy.

Let us help you use technology platforms to blaze new paths of innovation.

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Retail and
Consumer Goods

The face of retail has changed. No longer is a customer's experience limited to a single, one person, store visit. Leverage every channel to stay ahead of digital competition, as well as evolving customer anticipations and expectations, with an all-encompassing customer experience.

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Healthcare and
Life Sciences

All health-related worlds at some point converge at the point of technology – to keep up with technology, patient/customer expectations, and evolving business models.

Build systems that will support and guide companies through the modern transition of the healthcare system.

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Travel and

The travel & tourism sector has developed into an industry with an annual economic impact of around 6.5 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide.

Develop systems to reach these customers at key touchpoints in the buying cycle (from fact finding, to purchase decision, to transaction, to experience, to post-experience.)

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