Suzie TurnerQ: What first attracted you to CapTech?

A: The first thing that attracted me to CapTech was the size of the company and its stage of growth. I am a "builder" by nature, so was looking for a company that was in high growth mode. I also wanted a company that was large enough to provide the stability that you can't typically find in most "startup" environments. CapTech fit the bill perfectly! Launching the DC office sounded like the perfect role for me, and it has exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

What sealed the deal for me was the people here. Many CapTechers, such as myself, come from a larger consulting environment. It was very evident that CapTechers have PASSION, and operate in an environment that values respect and trust.

Q: What makes CapTech a different type of consulting firm?

A: When our founding principals started this business, they deliberately set out to be different - and all CapTechers believe in that vision. When I talk to recruits, I always explain that we have the same top-notch talent as the large consulting firms, but without the egos. I believe CapTech employs the industry's best and brightest consulting and technical talent.

Work is an important and significant part of your day, so ideally you want to enjoy the people you are working with. Our employees are bright, committed, and passionate about the work that they do. This is incredibly important to me!

I've seen consultancies that foster an 'every man for himself' culture where people tear down others in order to rise to the top. Here, we are the exact opposite. Employees are evaluated on their ability to build up, mentor, and support the teams around them. This shines through in our project teams, in our top leadership, and in our management style. Our culture fosters a supportive and collaborative environment where our employees can thrive.

Q: What is special about the culture in your office?

A: The DC office is known to be a fun and energetic office, but it goes beyond fun. I like the sense of pride and ownership; everyone feels accountable for the success of our office, and for CapTech. There is a lot of shared enthusiasm and excitement! It makes it a very energized environment.

Q: How is your office making an impact on your community?

A: We have a group of employees who recognize how valuable it is to work for a company who supports your passion for charity, volunteering, and giving back to your community. I'm proud to be part of an organization that takes giving back seriously. We have a broad team of consultants who get together and design what our charitable involvement will be for the year. They have handpicked how they want to spend their time and dollars to support our community.

Annually, we select 5-10 charities that our consultants are passionate about. Our 2015 community support included sponsorship of the 10th Annual Dodging Diabetes Charity Dodgeball tournament supporting the Joslin Diabetes Center and JDRF; the 12th Annual Blue Jeans Ball supporting the Capital Area Food Bank; Toys for Tots; and Wreaths Across America at Arlington National Cemetery.

In 2016, our partnerships include support for the Northern Virginia Family Services (NVFS), where we put on a field day for 200 toddlers at a Head Start Center and support Head Start classrooms; the Reston Computer Clubhouse, where we provide mentorship and education around business and technology to teens bi-monthly; and pro bono work, where dedicated volunteers have been performing an assessment of NVFS' SharePoint site. We will also support The Hope Marietta Foundation Casino, the Washington Humane Society, the DC/MD/VA ALS Chapter, the NVFS Field Day, Toys for Tots, and Wreaths Across America. Most recently, we sponsored the Women in Technology Mentor Protègè Program.

Q: What exciting news is happening in your market?

A: We are proud to work with many long-term DC clients that have been our partners since we launched our office here in the Northern Virginia area. We have also begun several new engagements that are using innovative technology to solve business problems. It has been exciting to watch our footprint expand in this market. Additionally, CapTech has become known as an employer of choice in the DC market, and we are attracting the area's top talent!

Q: What is your favorite memory as a CapTecher?

A: When I started, there were only a handful of employees in DC. We very quickly ramped up hiring and grew exponentially in a relatively short period of time. When we officially opened our office in the Reston Town Center, there was such a feeling of pride in everyone who helped build CapTech in the DC Market. More than anything, I love watching our employees tell the CapTech story and explain why they love being a CapTecher.

Q: When you are not in the office, where can we find you?

A: You will probably find me in the car driving my kids around, or on a field or by a swimming pool cheering them on! At CapTech, work-life balance means many things to many people. Our balanced approach provides an environment for employees to enjoy life outside of work. For me, work-life balance is about being the best mom I can be.

CapTech's work-life balance has become a key differentiator for us in the consulting industry. People interested in doing exciting consulting work can also benefit from a healthy, balanced life at CapTech. Because of this, our retention rates are much higher than the industry norm. This balance also provides incredible job satisfaction to our employees; and because of this, we have received many of the industry's top employer awards. We are providing a long-term "home" for our consultants at CapTech, and better consulting services for our clients.

Q: What are you most looking forward to for this year?

A: I think we have hit a point of accelerated growth across all of CapTech, with new clients and innovative projects. This growth is creating new opportunities for our employees. It is thrilling to see CapTech become "known" in the DC market and nationally, and we will continue our mission to be the best consulting company to work for, and best consulting partner for our clients.