Q: What first attracted you to CapTech?

A: The people. Anyone can promise a great culture and work environment, but I am impressed with how friendly and accommodating everyone is at all levels of the organization. I feel like I can bring my true self to work and fit in well at CapTech.

Q: What makes CapTech a different type of consulting firm?

A: CapTech was founded to be different. Most notably, CapTech knows that both your career and your personal life need to be successful. This means that travel preferences are taken into consideration and every client assignment includes a serious conversation about fit for career development and lifestyle.

Q: What is special about the culture in your office?

A: There is an entrepreneurial spirit in CapTech's Atlanta office. All of our Atlanta consultants are collaborating to make a positive impact in some of Georgia's largest organizations. We work together as a team when interacting with clients and throughout the project lifecycle.

Q: What do you love about working at CapTech?

A: The Nalgene water bottle I got on Day One is pretty sweet. Just sayin'.

Q: How is your office making an impact on the community

A: Making an impact and giving back to the community are core values at CapTech. Upon opening our Atlanta office, we became involved in Community Consulting Teams and specifically working with the Shepherd Center. The Shepherd Center is a hospital in the Buckhead community of Atlanta that specialized in catastrophic spinal injury treatment, rehab, and research. Our consultants are doing pro bono work to provide the center with a business strategy around Prevention and Education programs. We also participate in volunteer activities with the Covenant House Georgia which supports homeless youth. It is energizing to be part of a company that incorporates giving back to the community in our business plans.

Q: What exciting news is happening in your market?

A: CapTech is growing quickly because we exceed client expectations. When a client sees how well CapTech delivers, they quickly ask us to come back for additional projects.

Q: What is your favorite memory as a CapTecher?

A: The 2015 holiday party. Seeing our CEO and most senior leaders dance like no one was watching!

Q: CapTech is experiencing significant growth. What benefits does that offer our clients? And our recruits?

A: CapTech's growth is being recognized nationally, so we are pulling from a national pool of top talent. Clients are getting the benefit of having CapTech consultants who are truly subject matter experts in their disciplines.

Q: When you are not in the office, where can we find you?

A: Working in the backyard on the latest treehouse, zipline, or outdoor creation for my kids!

Q: What are you looking forward to for this year?

A: CapTech world domination! And in the meantime, building CapTech's reputation as the most dependable consulting firm in the Atlanta business community by solving our clients' most difficult problems.