Yesterday Google was very generous in dropping a little more than 750 icons (available on their GITHUB page) for the world to use in their mobile and web designs. One small problem is that I regularly use Axure as my prototyping tool of choice and not Illustrator or photoshop. As such, we've made available an Axure 7.0 RP library file for you all to use. Note: this library is constructed off the mobile icon set at the 144x144 resolution.

A few things observed while creating this library file:

  1. Google in some cases has overloaded icons. A circle can convey a panoramic fish eye or a radio button that is unchecked. A face can convey anything from Mood to the auto-timer feature for the camera to the face login feature.
  2. Google did not standardize naming across these to clearly denote a filled icon vs. an icon outline. While in general I was pleased that Google followed the paradigm of "filled cons" which require less cognitive load, there are still a number of icons that they provided with no filled option.
  3. For obvious reasons, there's no iOS specific icons available as part of this set. Slightly dissapointing, but completely understandable.
  4. This is a great compliment to the font-awesome icon set available here: