RecruiterMany companies today are struggling to attract top talent, but new technologies and processes can help them meet these challenges far more effectively than has been possible in the past.

At CapTech, we were dealing with similar issues until recently, when we decided to overhaul our entire approach to talent management.

Historically, our hiring process was typical of what you might find at many organizations today. We were hindered by clunky tools designed largely to ensure compliance with federal labor laws rather than to facilitate talent management. Our recruiting process had been designed primarily to support hiring managers rather than to attract job candidates or support the internal teams involve in vetting and hiring applicants.

Finally, we weren't doing a great job of telling our story to prospective employees, although we certainly had a compelling story to tell. When we needed to fill openings, we did what many companies do, posting job requisitions online and then waiting for candidates to apply. Our consultants, who are deeply involved in the hiring process, then spent hours wading through the applications, looking for good matches.

A few years ago, we began collecting and analyzing data that would help us understand how well our processes were working. As I reviewed the data, was surprised to find that:

  • We were rejecting 80 percent of applicants, primarily because their skills simply didn't match our requirements.
  • Of the employees we hired through one of the online jobs boards-I won't mention the name-75 percent left within a year.
  • The employees who stayed the longest and were the happiest at CapTech tended to be people who had been referred by our existing employees.

Above all, the data indicated that we needed to rethink our approach.

In light of the analysis, we set about revamping our approach. This spring, we'll be putting the finishing touches on this new approach with the implementation of SmartRecruiters[1], a technology solution that transforms and streamlines talent management, including the hiring process.

The SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition platform is designed to run recruiting like a sales and marketing machine. It not only helps us market our company to candidates, but it also enables a collaborative approach to hiring, delivers mobile capabilities, integrates with LinkedIn, and integrates readily with other human resources tools.

SmartRecruiters makes it easy for people to show interest in specific jobs while also making it easy for us to ensure that candidates are qualified for the positions they've expressed interest in. That's important because, at CapTech, we don't use hiring managers so much as hiring teams, with multiple consultants reviewing applications and conducting interviews. SmartRecruiters facilitates collaboration among the members of the hiring team, the candidate and the human resources staff.

The integration with LinkedIn is also important, because it makes it easy for our employees to refer candidates, which greatly streamlines the employee-referral program. In addition, SmartRecruiters' mobile tools support an increasingly mobile workforce.

We like the platform so much that we have established a formal business partnership with SmartRecruiters, developer of the solution. We'll soon be using the SmartRecruiters platform for our own talent-management needs while also helping our clients implement the platform.

We believe that technical support from an experienced partner such as CapTech is key to a successful implementation, because the SmartRecruiters platform changes the actual processes of hiring and retention, not just the technologies underlying these processes. For organizations that have highly complex talent-management processes, the benefits of this new approach will dramatically outweigh the demands of the implementation.

Our experience in implementing SmartRecruiters and transforming our own approach to talent management has given us tremendous insights into the technology and its impact on processes and users across the enterprise. We'll keep you posted as the transformation continues.

About the Author: Based in Richmond, Virginia, Joanna Bergeron has almost 20 years of experience in management consulting. She serves as Chief Talent Officer for CapTech where she is responsible for developing and implementing our 'people strategy' that aligns with our company objectives and translates into hiring top talent to solve the unique business challenges of our clients.