Best Job - Software Developer

I recently read a blog post at CNN Money that shocked me ( In an ongoing blog series about the top jobs in America (based on "big growth, great pay and satisfying work") right at the top - I mean in the Number 1 position - was my job, Mobile App Developer. Really? I thought about it for a minute and, for what it's worth, couldn't agree more - and here's why...


To be sure, all software development requires a degree of creativity to solve problems efficiently - but I've found that development in the mobile app space provides even greater opportunity in many different contexts. There's something new almost every day. Mobile hardware offers so many things to be discovered and deployed in any solution, and being aware of these things and learning to implement them usefully is truly a creative endeavor.

For example, just consider the opportunities on Apple's latest iPhone... Retina HD display, Siri, iBeacon microlocation, Touch ID, 4K video recording, 12MP camera, Apple Pay, Digital compass, etc.

As a CapTech Consultant, one of the best things I get to do is sit down with a client and talk through exactly which technologies and solutions might best serve their specific business needs. Then, I get to be part of a creative team of other CapTech mobile developers as we build out that solution - and that's fun.

Cool Stuff

Who doesn't love the latest gadgets and gizmos? More than that, who doesn't want to create cool stuff that runs those devices? Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, and the list goes on.

In the CNN blog post mentioned above, the writer said "Mobile app developers are the first to test out the latest phones, tablets, and wearable devices. If you like playing around with technology and exploring all the possibilities it offers, this can be a really fun job." Agree 100%.

As a CapTech Mobile Developer I've had a great time learning more about the latest and greatest stuff through ongoing technology demos from other CapTech developers, regular training opportunities, conferences, tech challenges, and much more.


Any passionate developer takes a great deal of pride in creating the best code they can for any given solution. That said, I recognize that we can always learn more, improve our coding skills, and provide even better work product for our clients. I've found that one of the best way to do that is through community.

In my experience, CapTech has encouraged team community with developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, etc., as we serve together on a project with a common goal. That sense of community fosters idea sharing and honest communication that leads to a quality solution and a happy client.

Let me illustrate this.

On one project I was on, we had recently added an additional mobile developer. We would usually go to dinner with the newest team member to hang out for a few hours over a meal as a rite of passage. At this particular dinner, I had a chance to ask this new developer if she had any thoughts about our team so far (she had already been working with us for a few weeks at that time). She responded with "it seems like this is a highly functional team. You get a lot done and seem to have fun doing it." Wow. I guess I hadn't really thought about it. That can only happen when the value of community is esteemed the way I've found it to be at CapTech.

Cultural Impact

Mobile devices are ubiquitous and have changed the way we live - social media, banking, transportation, retail shopping, on and on.

At CapTech, it's been very rewarding to be part of a team that is developing world-class mobile apps for some of the largest institutions in the world. It's humbling to see millions of mobile users downloading and benefitting from apps that we've built for our clients - useful and important apps that change people's lives, the way they do banking, shopping, travel, and more.

The best job in America? Yep.