CapTech Denver Office Team OutingWhat first attracted you to CapTech?

I was attracted to the philosophy of the company and the core values and was excited about the opportunity to build the Denver office for CapTech. My discussions with leadership and future peers solidified my commitment to the firm. I am greatly looking forward to introducing CapTech to Denver in 2017.

What makes CapTech a different type of consulting firm?

CapTech has a genuine approach to consulting: listen to the customer, find the root cause to the problem and tailor the best solution to their needs. It's exciting to work for a company that follows that approach. CapTech is extremely collaborative, and when working with clients, you have the entire company's thought leadership to support you, rather than just the team in the local office.

What is special about the culture in your office?

The Denver office is the first location west of the Mississippi for CapTech. The CapTech culture fits well with the casual but determined atmosphere in Denver. We are approachable but driven to help our clients succeed. We look to develop true partnerships and lasting relationships based on trust. We plan to hire up to 75 consultants in 2017 and 2018, bringing top creative and IT talent to our team.

What do you love about working at CapTech?

The people and the culture. I have met so many talented, intelligent people throughout the company since I have been here. The culture is incredibly consistent across offices, but it still has an entrepreneurial vibe, allowing you the freedom to allows you the freedom to learn new things and push the envelope.

How is your office making an impact on the community?

CapTech has a long history and commitment to community service and economic development. We are relatively new to the community in Denver, and we are evaluating which philanthropic efforts we will focus our investments and volunteerism towards. Every one of our consultants is already involved in the community as individuals. We look forward to being an active member and contributor to the Denver community.

What exciting news is happening in your market?

Denver is an exciting market. Our economy is booming, and we have a diverse set of potential clients across all industries. Denver has companies spanning telecommunications, oil and gas, financial services, health care and products. Denver also has an exceptional pool of creative and IT talent in which to grow our team and provide service across all our offerings.

What is your favorite memory as a CapTecher?

Spending time with our Chief Operating Officer, Steve Holdych, discussing the company but also taking the time to discuss our mutual love for skiing.

CapTech is experiencing significant growth right now. What benefits does that offer our clients and our recruits?

For the recruits, they have the opportunity to work on new and exciting projects with top tier clients and emerging technologies. For our clients, they have the opportunity to work with a growing talent base with significant industry knowledge and a desire to help them succeed.

When you are not in the office, where can we find you?

In the winter, I'm skiing. In the summer, you can find me hiking, fly fishing, and golfing.

What are you most looking forward to for 2017?

Introducing Denver to CapTech, and working with new clients to solve their unique business challenges!