For years, we have believed that digital transformation and customer engagement projects had lower cost of ownership and were more successful with onshore development partners. Agile has provided measurement tools that help confirm this belief. We've seen project delays, escalating total costs, security concerns and total project failures cause leading US companies to bring some offshore projects back to US partners. The question remained what projects are best suited for onshore development. CapTech recently commissioned a research study conducted by Forrester Consulting Onshore/Nearshore Services Thrive in the Age of the Customer, released on May 2016. The research, illustrated in the infographic below, revealed that companies are finding digital transformation projects grounded in agile development and good architecture have higher success rates and lower total cost. To view the full study, click here.

A new study from an independent research firm uncovers that U.S. businesses are increasing their relationships with third party vendors for digital transformation projects in order to improve customer experience. Additionally, many are bringing work back to U.S. soil due to project failures, project delays, escalating costs, and security concerns with offshore providers.