Part 2 of the Agile OCM Video Insights Series highlights the differences between OCM for Agile Transformations and Agile Delivery. Companies cannot simply go agile; it is a disruptive change that affects all aspects of a company (e.g., decision making, customer engagement, project management, roles and expectations, etc.). As a result, Agile Transformation requires a clear change management plan that guides employees through the change, preparing them to execute the agile framework successfully. Once an organization has adopted the agile mindset, OCM is continued to help improve productivity. It is then also implemented into each Agile Delivery; OCM is married with the iterative development process, releasing bits of information and training as it surfaces.

About the Author

Megan MorrisMegan is an IT Consultant for CapTech, providing Organizational Change Management and Business Systems Analyst support to Fortune 500 companies. Megan brings passion and energy to every project, eager to provide innovative design solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.