Knowledge 16, ServiceNow®'s annual conference, is underway and Organizational Change Management has been front and center, threading through each session, keynote, and lunch table conversation I've experienced-and its only midday on Day 1!

I only have a few moments between sessions (so please forgive any grammatical errors!), but I want to share some initial themes I've heard about the Service Revolution and what it means for the people side of ServiceNow® and other Service Management implementations.

Some quick hits:

  • Service Management is evolving from a near-exclusive focus on IT and external customer-facing experience to optimizing the way our internal team members engage with every function across the enterprise-aiming to completely transform the way people work and driving productivity to increase velocity while reducing internal risk and cost dramatically.
  • An example of this future vision? Wearable technology that tracks a key metric relevant to your work and allows you to "at a glance" understand past, present, and a prediction of future tracking and also quickly act on that data using ServiceNow® applications that can connect every departmental function.
  • While it's exciting to think of the possibilities that it can bring to our ability to work (and multitask) effectively, the likely implications to work process, relationships, and communication are significant! As we revolutionize the internal-facing experience of work, well-planned and executed Organizational Change Management will be imperative to successfully realizing the benefits technology affords us.
  • As we know with any organizational change, strong leadership and sponsorship are key differentiators! What do strong leaders understand? How ServiceNow® aligns to the organization's vision and how to address business problems in the language of the business, the complexity of integrating with other initiatives, and the skills to execute with the project teams. What do strong leaders do? They communicate authentically with the organization with the right cadence and consistency, they set expectations and drive accountability for change and they achieve vision through partnership with the business that allows for give and take.

I've met dozens of current ServiceNow® customers from organizations spanning the globe and I hear a common response when I explain that I work with the "people" side of ServiceNow®: "We sure needed that!"...followed by their unique story about the pain their end users felt during their initial ServiceNow® deployment that would have been greatly impacted if only they had a more intentional strategy that addressed generating awareness and buy-in well before launch and engaged sponsors from Senior Leadership to act as visible and vocal champions.

I expect to hear much more as the week continues! Stay tuned for more takeaways from Knowledge 16!