ServiceNow®'s annual conference, Knowledge 16, is taking place next week and I'm excited to be representing CapTech's Organizational Change Management (OCM) Service Offering. While the fact that I am long overdue for a Vegas trip is a small component of that anticipation, I am far more compelled by the opportunity to learn what ServiceNow®'s newest Helsinki release has to offer and absorb as much of the vast experience and best practices change leaders from across the world have gained in their OCM work with this leading SaaS solution.

As an OCM practitioner, I know that a well-designed and executed Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategy is critical to the success of ANY project, and that statement holds particularly true for Service Management implementations. The theme of this year's conference is experiencing the "Service Revolution" that ServiceNow® can catalyze across the enterprise-and the possibilities it creates to take workplace productivity to new levels: collaboration via a single platform available anywhere and anytime; the ability to orchestrate functions such as Human Resources, Product Portfolio Management, and Agile Project Delivery in a secure and scalable manner with one user interface; proactive issue resolution and predictable service levels; and more.

The message I take away from that? An organization that chooses to fully leverage ServiceNow®'s capabilities has the opportunity to realize game-changing business value…

… but only if users also choose to embrace the revolution and adopt the tool's full functionality!

And this is where OCM becomes the game changer. Revolutions are new and exciting-and simultaneously chaotic, terrifying, and uncertain. They create progress and innovation-and also anxiety, frustration, and misunderstanding. Guiding ServiceNow® users from all levels of the organization through the experience of this transition-by building awareness, communicating effectively, training thoroughly, providing ample support and having a clear understanding of what change uniquely looks and feels like to individual user groups during each project phase-that, in my opinion, will be the most critical predictor of revolutionary success.

What I'm excited to learn

The people side of successfully deploying ServiceNow®'s products and applications will only grow in complexity and breadth of impact as the "Service Revolution" unfolds. My struggle to choose among hundreds of sessions and speakers scheduled across only a few dozen timeslots is my first indication that ServiceNow® gets it, too… and there will be no shortage of knowledge to gain! My calendar is packed with sessions spanning leadership, strategy, sustainability, training & enablement, and the implementation best practices specific to products both within IT and beyond. While the formal presentations of industry case studies will be rife with learning opportunity, I'm equally anticipating the informal learning that takes place getting to know users and professionals from across the world at conference events, during breaks… and since its Vegas, probably at the roulette wheel. Hearing collective stories about the real-life people dynamics that emerge across organizations, how we've been successful and the lessons we've learned, will reveal much to consider as we charge into the future of Service Management. I come bearing my own ServiceNow® work experience, a curious mindset, and a lot of thoughts and ideas!

I expect to come home with many insights that I can apply to future client work-and also to share with you! Stay tuned for more details-I will be live blogging from the conference May 16th-19th with my "Top 3" Organizational Change Management takeaways you can consider for your next ServiceNow® implementation.