Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA) is a not-for-profit organization committed to developing and maintaining open solutions for faster, better and cheaper access to authoritative master data. ECCMA developed broadly adopted standards for ensuring consistent, quality e-Commerce data.

Each year, ECCMA organizes a data quality conference focused on "practical solutions to real challenges." ECCMA's 14th annual Data Quality Solutions Summit (DQS2) will be held October 22-24, 2013, in Austin, TX. I am honored to present two sessions at this year's DQS2.

On October 23, I will speak on What a Data Quality Tool Can Do for You. During that session, I will describe some of the problems with ensuring data quality, ways to improve data quality, and considerations for some of the readily available data quality tools. Finally, I will walk attendees through a quick demonstration of Microsoft's new SQL Server 2012 Data Quality Services tool. As is consistent with ECCMA's focus, the demonstration will highlight practical usages and limitations of the tool.

On the following day, I will speak on Making Predictions with Data Mining Tools. That session explains the challenges and business values associated with predictive analysis. I will briefly describe some of the trade-offs associated with a few leading data analysis tools before guiding attendees through a practical demonstration of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services' data mining tool.

In addition to many presentations delivered by experienced solution providers, the conference includes open discussions on Big Data, Measuring Data Quality, Data Governance and Turning Quality Data into Valuable Information. Those open discussions allow all attendees to both ask questions and contribute to the collective knowledge transfer.

I am excited about participating in such a valuable conference and look forward to learning new experiences from all of the attendees.