This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the Women in Tech Summit as part of Philly Tech Week with one of my fellow women in tech from CapTech's Philly office. The purpose of the summit was to bring together women in the Philly community that are involved in technology. I started putting this blog together with the intention of writing about things I had learned and while there were some amazing things that I learned my bigger takeaways were the things that I saw….

Test Driven Development

I have read about it, I have known that it exists but similar to a fabled unicorn, I have never actually seen it. For anyone that may not be familiar with the concept: Test Driven Development (TDD) is a practice where a developer starts with writing an automated test, writes code to validate the test, refractors (cleans) the code, and then starts over from the beginning.

In the workshop we started the Bowling Game Kata. For the non-programmers: in the programming world, a kata is an exercise meant to teach students a form of programming and the Bowling Game part is well just that – the game with the bowling ball, pins and ugly shoes. We started with creating a JUnit (this is where you write the code for the test in Java programming) and before I knew it the presenter started to write the code for the Bowling Game. Through watching this exercise, I saw how TDD programming reduces time for rework, leads to clean and simple code and the greatest benefit (from my Management Consulting perspective) introduces the concept of testing from the beginning which will ultimately result in an application that has less bugs and solves the intended business problem.

Having seen the Bowling Game Kata, I now feel more comfortable talking to a programmer about their code and questioning their test scenarios and in the end, I hope that I will be able to tell the difference between the unicorn and a horse with a party hat.