CloudA $100-billion-dollar Fortune 200 consumer packaged goods company recently partnered with CapTech to commercialize Microsoft Azure's Platform as a Service (PaaS) as an enterprise service offering. This blog is the tenth and final post in a ten-part series of blogs. The purpose of this post is to summarize the benefits of transitioning the new cloud service offering. It is intended for anyone interested in gaining insight into the major bodies of work and considerations involved in commercializing cloud services for large enterprises.

Summary of Benefits

The end result of partnership between the consumer products goods company and Captech was to successfully commercialize Azure PaaS as a service offering for the enterprise. One of the first benefits is increased agility. In large organizations there are often many different parties involved in provisioning a new application, including the networking group, security, and infrastructure groups just to name a few. The cloud offering also provides much more robust scaling capabilities to meet increased demand.

Another benefit that the organization realized was improved engagement. Given the complexity of many large organizations and large number of groups involved in provisioning a new application, this can be a barrier to entry for new applications and products. The cloud reduces the number of resources and groups required to provision new applications. Each organization that utilizes the cloud offering gains greatly increased control over their own domain, and therefore is more engaged in managing their own environment.

Cost savings are typically invoked as being one of the biggest factors in migrating to the cloud. Because of the scalable nature of the cloud and the fact that resources are shared, cloud offerings usually include a significant cost savings. The cloud eliminates the need for large capital expenditures allowing organizations to provision what they need when they need it.

The last benefit realized in the chart below is competitive advantage. Because new development resources are readily available, in house-resources are no longer required to design, develop, and test new services. Comparable benefits of Azure PaaS measured against the enterprise's traditional model are summarized below:



This tenth and final post in the ten-part series summarizes the benefits of the cloud service offering in order to commercialize Azure with this Fortune 200 CPG client. These were just some of the actions we took to help facilitate this transition. Your organization may experience other benefits from this transition as there are many other benefits to migrating to the cloud.

The entire series: