AgileDC was awesome this year! I'm so glad that CapTech was one of this year's sponsors, and I couldn't be happier to have attended and represented CapTech. There were so many great vendors, events, and people there. It's always fun to connect with the DC Agile community and meet new friends along the way.

The organizers did a spectacular job of making sure that there was truly something for everyone. Kudos to the organizers and all the volunteers for doing a superb job.

I attended Group Hug: Implementing Agile Across Multiple Teams and the room was packed. Scaling was a hot topic at the conference this year. I loved the icebreaker that Richard Cheng used to demonstrate how quickly things can become complicated in a large environment and the consequences of context switching. It was a fun and effective exercise that I'm excited to use in the future. The messages that resonated with me from this session were:

  • Bring work to the teams instead of bringing people to the work.
  • Always be on the lookout for dependencies that don't need to exist.
  • Rotate people in and out of stable teams to increase knowledge transfer and creativity throughout your organization.

I also attended a Lean Coffee session. It was so cool to work through topics at a table with people from all ends of the spectrum. I introduced the topic of 'Creating Feedback Loops with Leadership' and the group really seemed to latch onto this. It was apparent that others had either faced something similar in the past or were facing it now.

I had a great time at the two sessions I attended, but I think I had the most fun working the CapTech sponsor booth. I always love meeting new people (especially in the Agile community) and this was no exception. Everyone was incredibly friendly and eager to share their stories. I'm looking forward to attending again next year!

Here's what my fellow CapTechers thought of AgileDC:

Martine Kostanich

This year's AgileDC had something for agilists of all levels and experience. From a creative and seasonally appropriate "Zombie Retrospective" putting a fun twist on the basics for beginners, to case studies reminding us that an agile transformation is a journey. AgileDC was a great opportunity for continuous improvement and to be able to share and leverage each other's successes and lessons.

Cindy Parcell

I enjoyed my first AgileDC event and was thrilled to be a part of the team representing CapTech. We met a lot of job seekers, current clients, and potential clients at the booth. Personally, I enjoyed sharing my 30 second elevator pitch of 'Why choose CapTech?" The event featured a great lineup of speakers to help guide those new on their agile journey to those who are experienced. One of my favorite sessions focused on the four year agile journey of a leading provider of financing for mortgage lenders. The session included some of the challenges they encountered and actions they took that were key to keeping the transformation on track. It was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with clients and my NOVA/DC network as well as to meet new people and share ideas/learnings. Truly something for everyone!

Lydia Lam

The energy level for this year's AgileDC event was incredible. I had a wonderful time hearing about Modern Agile, learning about the SWITCH book, and how different organizations have adopted Agile. The opportunity to network and be in one place with all the agilists made the day a success! For anyone who hasn't attended one, you must! And for those that I met, hope to see you soon at an Agile Meetup!