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by Bob Lambert on Mar 02, 2015

There's consensus among data quality experts that, generally speaking data quality is pretty much bad (here, here, and here).

by Ron DiFrango on Mar 01, 2015

After attending the 2014 version of AWS re:Invent and hearing the announcement of Lambda, I was intrigued about the possibilities of what could be accomplished with it and if it could simplify my software and infrastructure.

First, what is Lambda, from their Amazon’s page Lambda is:

by Jeremy McBride on Feb 25, 2015


The purpose of this post is to illustrate the application architecture for a database-driven, e-commerce web application with traditional on-site hosting and hosting with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’ll take it one step further and explore associated costs using AWS’s Simple Monthly Calculator, an online tool used to help customers estimate their monthly bill.

by Steven Beyers on Feb 17, 2015

Getting Started

by John Nein on Feb 07, 2015


There are many design patterns available when implementing a universal application in Windows.  The more common design patterns include Model-View-Controller (MVC), Model-View-Presenter (MVP) and, of course, Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM).  MVVM is the more commonly used design pattern in Windows 8+ universal applications.  This is due to its ability to decouple the business logic and view logic of applications in a way that provides the most reusable code across the two primary platforms - phones and tablets/pcs. 


by Todd Homa on Feb 06, 2015

Executive Summary

by Adam Preston on Jan 15, 2015

We live in a connected world – a world in which personalization and apps are at our fingertips and where your job doesn’t end the second you walk out of the door at 5:00PM.  However, we often find that our companies are slower to innovate, adopt, or offer the services we are accustomed to outside of our work. We find that IT is still busy staying on top of service desk tickets, than reaching out to the business to improve productivity.

by Dan Snyder on Jan 12, 2015

Over the last few years, I’ve been a member of several different systems development teams. Whether working with Java developers on a web portal project or SQL coders on a financial data warehouse, I found that despite using vastly different tools and skill sets, developers were almost always working within a best practices framework. When I first started working with Informatica PowerCenter a few years ago, I watched dozens of tutorials to get started, but struggled to find information related to best practices for many of the scenarios I encountered in my project. Whether you are a new or seasoned Informatica developer, consider implementing these 5 best practices to your development process.

by Steven Beyers on Jan 06, 2015

I recently attended CocoaLove, a developer conference in Philadelphia. At that conference there was a talk presented by Austin Seraphin, a man who has been blind since birth. When I first saw that he was going to be speaking about Accessibility I was a bit surprised and I did not quite know what to expect. On the one hand, who is going to care about accessibility more than a blind person? On the other, how is a blind person ever going to use a touch screen device?


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